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Service & Maintenance Plan for Perkins Genenerator Sets

  1. Genpart Services Ltd works with definite service schedules for all maintenance and service contracts for Cummins engines. We do this by:-
    Direct contact with the Client’s technician assigned to oversee power backup functions for Help Desk support. They are responsible for daily, weekly and monthly checks and should fill a Generator Maintenance Template and email it on schedule for our assessment.
  2. Major servicing is a prerogative of the Genpart Services Ltd technical team every 500 hrs
    We provide them with the Generator’s Operation & Maintenance Manual (OMM) although these available for free download from manufacturers or authorized distributor web spheres. We have included a link for download at the bottom of this page.
  3. The manuals provide detailed information on regular maintenance which ensures engine runs optimally and economically.
  4. Our Service Contracts, however do NOT require the technicians to get troubled with any technical issues except for daily/weekly/monthly checks, because we schedule maintenance as per the manufacturer’s recommendations (see Major Service below).

 Important Considerations

  1. If you wish for value for your Perkins engine, peak performance, cost effectiveness and sustained life, ensure that you undertake preventive maintenance with care.
  2. Each unit comes with a detailed maintenane schedule that is unique to your product.
  3. We recommend, however, that daily, weekly and monthly inspections along with a major annual exercise alongside regular servicing be employed to prevent machine failures and lower repair costs.
  4. In addition, this is vital to ensure that your engine runs at optimum performance for as long as it can be possible. Performance checks are unique to engine type and running conditions. Genpart Services undertakes to provide servicing every 500hrs of engine run.
  5. Another important thing is to ensure servicing is done with genuine parts and the use of coolants and engine oil appropriate for a Perkins engine. Combining Perkins fluid sampling with regular inspections, analysis of site conditions, electronic data and service history is a great way to monitor the effectiveness of your maintenance program.


Perkins oil filters are our engines’ first line of defense from damaging foreign bodies, and their routine replacement is essential. When an oil filter is too worn, every moving part in the engine is susceptible to contact with damaging debris. Our maintenance recommendations outline how often you should replace the filter with a new, genuine Perkins oil filter, depending on your engine conditions.

Perkins My Engine App

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The Perkins® My Engine App is an all-in-one mobile hub for your Perkins products. Receive notifications when service is due, review service logs, buy Perkins genuine parts, share engine data with your staff, access product manuals, and much more. The free My Perkins® My Engine App reduces your paperwork and improves your productivity.

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Download Service & Operations Manuals (Here)

Direct Download for Operations & Maintenance Manuals (OMM) - PDF 

Click this link: Perkins Engine Support Manuals


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