generator parts

  • Genpart Services Ltd started operations 8 years ago and was incorporated as a private limited company in 2013. Genpart strives for high standards of service and our client chain is proof that we are a trusted supplier of services relating to generators.
  • Our core business is providing power generating systems, plant related and industrial equipment, parts and service to our valued clientele. We are key stockists of generator parts and assorted components.
  • Over the years, our asset base has grown significantly and we proudly positioned as key SME dealers. It is our hope that your will discover us and appoint us as your preferred supplier of products and services.
  • At Genpart Services Ltd, we have harnessed and invested suitable intellectual capital that promotes superior collaboration and idea-sharing with our beneficiaries. We are committed  to  help organizations and enterprises stay profitable through provision of uninterrupted power supply needed to run your enterprise.
  • Our motto is to focus all efforts to consistently deliver quality and service which exceeds the
    toughest demands and scheduling. We do this by employing tactical business outsourcing
    models, ROIs and best practices.
  • From the beginning, our company has provided direct benefit to our clients through competitive pricing, scalable capabilities, and building quality partnerships. Through our widely recognizable strengths, Genparts Services Ltd maintains the technical expertise, professionalism, and financial capacity
    to succeed on the largest and deemed most mission-critical requirements.


Mission Statement:

To fully utilize our knowledge in generator power industry, creativity and collaboration to become a valued supplier and thus build relationships, partnerships and networks that promote sustainable growth for us and our clientele

Our Core Values:

  • Our Core Values are define our character and are the essence of our identity

    Commitment to Excellence – Perform at the highest level at all time

    Honesty and Integrity - Supply of genuine parts and competitive pricing

    Iterative Change – Achieve the ideal through incremental steps

    Intellectual Curiosity – Grow through learning and educating

    Innovation & Reinvention – Embrace and drive change

    Passionate Discourse – Offer seamless services with an infallible commitment
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